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Crumb Banjo

There’s a pet I like to pet And
every evening we get set I
stroke it every chance I get It’s
my girls pussy

Seldom plays and never purrs
But, I love the thoughts it stirs
And I like it cause it’s her’s
It’s my girls pussy

Often it goes out at night
re-turns at break of dawn
No matter what the weather’s like It’s
always nice and warm

I bring tidbit’s that it loves
We spoon like two turtle doves
I take care to remove my gloves
When stroking my girls pussy!

What a precious thing to handle
No one else can hold a candle
Is she that way lovable and sweet

Never dirty always clean
In giving thrills it’s never mean
It’s the best I’ve ever seen
My girl’s pussy

Here is some new stuff. You can get it bigger on my flickr page





^^ My Daughters Drawing^^


Something for a charity show a group of friends are putting on for Patrick O’Brien.
Patrick is a good friend of the online design community, and he needs a bit of help to finish what he started in 2006.
I will post details as the event gets closer.

click the link to get the non-cropped version.



No really. Totally free.
From the fine folks at Stylus.

High rez.

Stupid high rez.


For a community project.
Some might say the 6 of hearts is uninspiring.



Colonel Angus.

Oh My!

I guess I can post this now.

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Page two
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Page twelve

I think there were more, but I got tired of scanning them.
Should be enough for you to recognize them if you get them.
I hope you appreciate them if you do, I tried to make each one original, even if they are not all winners, they are not formula sketches.

I have six which were returned to me, not really sure what I will do with them. I will post pics later.

These things are a bit repetitive I know, please forgive me.

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