So after 20 years of working in a door factory, ten of them working on the trimmer huffing around 80-100lb doors, my body is a mess. Even after having a desk job for the last couple years I am in constant pain. I know this is caused by my lack of stretching and exercise, and no real physical damage, so after visiting physiotherapists and chiropractors will little effect I asked my friend Chiho to help me out. Chiho is a personal trainer, and I figured she could help me with some core strengthening. I am a lazy ass and would not exercise at all without her. Well let me tell you, aside from the exercise bits, the biggest help has been her stretching regime. Chiho will bend and twist me like a Flex Armstrong doll, helping me do stretches and massaging me in a way I could never achieve myself, and it is working fantastically. She has done more for me than any physiotherapist has ever done.
This has nothing to do with anything, but I just wanted to say thank-you to Chiho for all her hard work. If you live in Chilliwack and need a little help getting back in shape, or ending the constant pain of over used and under exercised muscles, I highly recommend Chihoko. She is worth every penny.