I am not drawing anymore, for various reasons, none of which are good.
Sometimes I try and do something though. It takes a long times, longer than it used to, and I have always been slow.
Anyhow. Here is what I was working on tonight.
I might try and finish this. I’m not super happy but I think it’s important to me to finish it.
I only hope I do the subject some small justice.

Trying to do this justice but I don't think it's working as well as I had hoped.

—-Update—- I think I might not finish this, but here is where I am at.

I'll try coming back to this later. Need to fix the derpy eye for sure, and the grin ain't right.

Had a great day in Vancouver watching the LGBT parade with my ladies.
I managed to get fried even though we had a beautiful shady spot.
I have all the pictures up on my flickr page, please click here to see them.


Michiko Clare and Dwayne Clare at the vancouver lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride parade in Vancouver. みちこクレアとドウェインクレア。 バンクーバーのLGBT「レズビアン/ゲイ/バイ・セクシャル/トランスジェンダー」パレードである。

So after 20 years of working in a door factory, ten of them working on the trimmer huffing around 80-100lb doors, my body is a mess. Even after having a desk job for the last couple years I am in constant pain. I know this is caused by my lack of stretching and exercise, and no real physical damage, so after visiting physiotherapists and chiropractors will little effect I asked my friend Chiho to help me out. Chiho is a personal trainer, and I figured she could help me with some core strengthening. I am a lazy ass and would not exercise at all without her. Well let me tell you, aside from the exercise bits, the biggest help has been her stretching regime. Chiho will bend and twist me like a Flex Armstrong doll, helping me do stretches and massaging me in a way I could never achieve myself, and it is working fantastically. She has done more for me than any physiotherapist has ever done.
This has nothing to do with anything, but I just wanted to say thank-you to Chiho for all her hard work. If you live in Chilliwack and need a little help getting back in shape, or ending the constant pain of over used and under exercised muscles, I highly recommend Chihoko. She is worth every penny.

I guess I can still draw kinda.


When only your friends tell you your art is good it’s much like only your mother telling you you are handsome. What it means, essentially, is that your mother loves you very much…and you are ugly.

My Friend Justin


I would like to take the time to say thank-you to a good friend of mine Kikuko Roueche.
Kikuko has been a long time friend and she always been there for us.
Sadly, Kikuko moved away from Chilliwack, and is now living it large in the big city, far away. :(
Kikuko is living in Burnaby / Vancouver now and she is selling real estate to support herself and her two boys, so if you are looking to buy a house give her a shout.
You couldn’t have a nicer person representing you, and that’s worth it’s weight in gold.

I painted a picture of Kikuko and her awesome little guy as my entirely inadequate way of saying thank-you. Here it is.


Thank-you for everything Kikuko.

Thank-you Steve.

My e-budz Chris Bishop. [0_0]


I am dabbling in sequential art. This story is the clean PG version, there is a less clean version in the same set. You will probably have to view full size to read it, just click on the image.





I thought I should take this opportunity give a shout-out to my good friend Mari Okazaki. This will sound like a bit of an advertisement, but I assure you it’s all from the heart.
(I’m sure her server will not be hammered too badly by the 2 hits a month I receive)
Mari has had a harder life than any of us could ever imagine, and yet she goes through life with such a positive and giving attitude that she infects everyone around her.
If you live in the lower mainland, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, even Vancouver, and your body or soul aches, there is no better person to turn to.

In Addition to having a Soul the size of Canada, Mari is an extremely talented Reiki practitioner, and if Reiki is not your thing, she also gives a mean Shiatsu massage :)
I just can’t say enough good things about Mari, sometimes in life you are touched by someone who is so far above you spiritually that you feel humbled and blessed by their friendship, Mari is such a person.
Please check out her blog, and if you are hurting, give her a call. You will not regret it.

Next post is art. I promise for real this time :)

Michiko and I took a trip in to town to see the Vancouver LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) pride parade this year. It was fun, a bit crowded on the streets but the weather was perfect and we had a nice walk around the city afterwards. No doubt, Vancouver is truly a beautiful place to live.
Here are the pics I got, mostly shooting over my head.

While I myself am straight I do have friends and loved ones who are gay, lesbian and bisexual. Some are out, but some are not. While I think it’s important to show my support for my out friends, it’s those I love who are not out that need support as well. They need to know that there is nothing wrong with being who they are, and they should not be afraid to show their true feelings. Those who truly love them, those who are worthy to have as friends will always support and love them no matter what. Those so called friends who leave are not worth having in the first place.

Even if I did not know one person who was LGBT, (and we all do whether you know it or not) I would still stand proud and support the LGBT community because I do believe all persons should be treated equally, with dignity and respect. This is not a time to be polite and stand quietly aside.
Lets hope by the time my children are my age this parade will be nothing more than a celebration of diversity, and the political necessity that drives it will be a dim memory.
Until then I am proud to be an ally, and strongly support all my friends and loved ones, straight, gay or somewhere in between, and love them for who they are not their sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or the colour of their skin.

OK. I will shut up now. Next post is art, I promise.


Michiko Clare and Dwayne Clare at the vancouver lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride parade in Vancouver. 美智子クレアとドウェインクレア。 バンクーバーのLGBT「レズビアン/ゲイ/バイ・セクシャル/トランスジェンダー」パレードである。

Shoulders of Orion


Han Shot First!


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